Mauritius Calling

Mauritius is an enigma. An exotic, carefree tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. Some call it ‘Little India’ because the Diaspora constitutes nearly 70% of the population. The island is a melting pot of cultures, religions and citizens with Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu, Creole, Franco-Mauritian, Chinese and European descendants. Colourful and cosmopolitan, it is an intoxicating medley of languages, cuisine and a calendar packed with Indian festivals. Step out of the comfort of the many beach resorts and you will meet extraordinary, warm-hearted, patient and friendly people keen to welcome outsiders from any part of the world. Indeed, beyond the beaches and the shimmering sea, there is more to Mauritius for enterprising business people from India. Mauritius is India’s strategic and key maritime neighbour in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). It is a shining example of how a multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and multi-religious country can not only become a vibrant democracy, but also have a thriving, high-performing economy.

A Sought-After Trade Show

Hi Life Trade Shows, India’s most sought-after B2B global platform for fashion & textiles, jewellery and accessories is set to hit the balmy shores of Mauritius on Feb 21 & 22, 2024. Welcome to an action-packed & exciting business trade fair hosted at a lush garden hotel tucked between the Rivière Citron and Indian Ocean. This trade show is powered by Hi Life Exhibition, India’s trend-setting fashion, lifestyle & luxury exhibition company, with a track record of organizing over 1,500 exhibitions since its founding more than a decade ago.

Interact with 250+ Trade Buyers

Tap into a bustling market of 800+ fashion shops, boutiques & family fashion retail outlets apart from jewellery and accessories showrooms in Mauritius. The scope for Indo-western wear and ethnic wear is booming and expected to grow briskly here. The team steering the event has extensive experience and a nuanced understanding of the textile, garments, jewellery and accessories market, access to government agencies and trade bodies in India and Mauritius. They have a deep appreciation of the Mauritius way of life and business too. Every invitee is assured of a highly rewarding and enriching experience Hi Life Trade Shows, Mauritius, is organized for the Indian textiles/garments/fashion industry featuring just 40 invited textile & garment manufacturers, exporters and trade sellers from India. It is designed to offer opportunities for result-oriented interactions and one-on-one conversations with 250+ trade buyers from Mauritius in a carefully choreographed event spread across two days. And sumptuously punctuated by a cocktail dinner with buyers. The trade show will focus on Ethnic, Wedding, Readymade Garments for Men/Women/Children from India and also turn the spotlight on trends in garments and apparels.

A Booming Market

India has been among the largest trading partners of Mauritius. Trade has grown by 132% in the last 17 years, from USD 206.76 million in 2005-06 to USD 554.19 million in 2022-23. Mauritius is diversifying its economic base by actively promoting emerging sectors llike textiles & apparels. Indian apparel exports to Mauritius shot up to $36 million in March 2022 thanks to the Free Trade Agreement. In the first half of 2023 itself, exports have zoomed to about $20 million

The Indian Connection

The magnificent statue of Lord Shiva in Mauritius signifies the influence of the Diaspora in the island. Whether it is Maha Shivratri or Kavadee Thaipoosam, Ganesh Chaturthi and Holi, the Indian community here keeps its faith and fervour alive. Taste the flavours of India like ‘Gateau Piment’ or the ‘Dal-Puri’ while listening to the Hindi news on Mauritian radio and TV. It’s hard to miss the colourful saris, salwars, sindoors, Bollywood-inspired dance, music and fashion. Little Ganga Talao is considered to be the most sacred Hindu religious center in Mauritius. On all festivals and special occasions, the lake comes alive with traditional Hindu rituals performed in their mother-tongue which includes Bhojpuri, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu and Oriya. Maha Shivratri in Mauritius is celebrated like Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai when scores of processions bearing Shiva idols wind their way towards the Ganga Talao. Mauritius is probably the only country with a thousand socio-cultural organisations that nurture the Indian connection. From enjoying a ‘Geet Gawai’ with locals to learning to bake ‘barfi’ and creating gorgeous ‘rangoli’ designs, you’ll leave Mauritius with a full heart.

Open For Business

Mauritius has the most enabling and appealing business environment in the sub-Saharan African region. From USD 400 in 1968 when Mauritius obtained independence, its development strategy has propelled it to the league of high-income countries with a per capita income of USD 10,860 in 2021. People enjoy a high standard of living in a safe, stable and easy environment. Mauritius welcomes investment and embraces business. The foreign investor is allowed to invest in any sector of the economy. It has removed foreign investment barriers by lowering taxes, simplifying administrative procedures, keeping interest rates low, investing in education, training and by lowering trade barriers. Business activities are allowed to start within three working days. Mauritius is a fabulous place to do business, work and live with future-ready infrastructure, global connectivity and world class talent.